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This Fall at the Loft

Sunday October 23rd 

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Think of this class as self-care, moving you towards greater comfort in your body.  Self-massage with balls releases tension, increases circulation and re-educates muscles to rest at a longer length.  Enhanced with stretching and combined with Asana is particularly useful for those that may have muscles that are overused, have injury, or years of inactivity that need additional activation to assist with stretching to elongate the muscles.  Balls are a great addition to any practice for activation and relaxation of the muscles.  Come experience the healing power of self-massage and myofascial release.

Sunday November 6th


What is Kirtan?

Kirtan dates back thousands of years with its roots in India.  A combination of Music and Mantra,  Kirtan is a very simple & powerful way to meditate. It’s effortless & joyful; the music does the work for you as you flow with the melody & rhythm.  The ancient chants contain powerful renewing & transformative energy that helps us reconnect with the Divinity that resides within all of us.  Singing is the heart of kirtan, and no one cares what you sound like. At a kirtan concert all voices merge together to become One Voice.
“Kirtan is a means of finding our way back to the core of our Being, to our heart, and to our connection with each other.”

  Kirtan is non-denominational, the Universal language of Spirit, the song of the Soul.

Sunday November 20th

Join us for this special workshop with two beautiful souls Peggy & Laura to focus on the good in your life just in time to celebrate the holidays. This will be a 90 minute class, the first 45 minutes will be an all levels vinyasa flow followed with the last 45 minutes of long, slow, deep stretch to relax and settle into the warmth and fullness of peace in our bodies and abundance in our hearts this season. Make plans to stay after the flow to enjoy connection and community with light refreshments.

Sunday December 11th

Renee' & Robert Barnette

Join us for an unforgettable evening as we journey through the landscape of sounds, frequencies and vibrations that will not only bring a feeling of ease, but will allow you to drop in to a greater sense of peace, harmony and relaxation. Sound healing at its best.

Renee’ and Robert will help guide you into a deeper place of “letting go”, giving your body and mind the space to release tension and stress both of which accumulate in the body. Renee’ Barnette blends her love of musical lyrics with the sounds of numerous musical instruments including chimes, singing bowls, harp, gong, voice and harmonic undertones to bring a soulful calmness to meditation and relaxation with every note. Robert Barnette has been a successful musician throughout his life and has seen firsthand the power of sound and how it can transform the listener. Together this husband and wife team have been entertaining through the gift of music and song in many different venues and settings and are excited to be sharing their passion with a focus on healing through sound.