A note from Lizzie

So, what have you been doing with all of this time at home?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a message to make you feel bad about doing too much or doing too little, just a question to make you think — with what quality have you been spending this time at home?

It’s okay if you’ve been getting your work life organized

It’s also okay if you’ve been looking at memes non-stop

Regardless of our individual personalities, there is so much beauty in the truth that we are able to discover things about ourselves every day.... 

AND, this change in our normal rhythm only allows us to see things a little more closely.

As we continue to move forward with our shelter-in-place and social distancing, I encourage you to continue leaning into knowing yourself a little more; 

perhaps through journaling, meditation, moments (or hours) without contact from others, and movement on your mat (in just the way your body wants to move).  

Then, call a friend, go for a walk down your street, and pick up a meal from one of our local businesses (to go, of course).  

Explore your mind, explore your soul, and explore the practice of living in the way that you always imagined you would someday feel — this is our chance to manifest it!

Allow yourself to feel whatever your are feeling; hold space for yourself to feel many things in one day.  And as you hold this space, know that you are both a stable being, as well as an adaptive flow being.

*Now* is happening, yes.  And the *time* is right for you to spend it however your soul calls you to.

Looking forward to meeting you on the mat, soon.

- Lizzie

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