Just sit with it......

I feel defeated whispered the heart....

I feel angry and confused.....

I feel joy for all the love and support that has come our way....

As we're sitting here tonight, I feel all of those things simultaneously. Maybe the first thought is to "correct" those feelings, maybe our minds try to say -- we're not defeated, it will all be ok, you shouldn't be angry or confused- this too shall pass, maybe you wonder how the joy factors in with all the rest. So, I encourage you to sit with it - all of it, the thoughts, the feelings, all of the emotions. They are real and very much valid. It is ok to feel them all, to let them marinate as we work through them.

So often we tend to glaze over these things only to realize they manifest themselves in other ways in our daily lives and also in our yoga practice. Maybe you feel a little more tension in your jaw or shoulders, maybe you snap at someone, maybe you lean into a pose and every part of your being wants to move ~ all because we may not have taken the time to sit with the emotions that are stirring in our soul. When we feel hurt, angry, tired, happiness, joy, love, and appreciation it is so very important that we acknowledge them all ~ and if there is an emotion that calls for a work through take the time to look within and acknowledge, then breathe, then hold onto it, evaluate it, accept it, and then when it is time, release it.

This to reveals itself, when we bring up a memory of pure joy our presence reflects this and our lights shine brighter. When we recall a moment of difficulty that we were able to process and acknowledge often times it comes back to us when we need it the most, the love and the learning that accompanied the difficulty. The compassion and the wisdom of the journey along the way.

Today all of these personal emotions came to me with the knowledge of Phase 2, while we had such hopes of soft opening the studio next week we now know that this will be delayed. And after sitting with all of these things we also know that this will be ok. The love that is shared with yoga can often be associated with the physical practice, but it truly is a practice of the body, mind, and soul. This is where yoga takes you, your light shines from within. I believe that whatever sets your soul on fire may flicker for a moment in the darkness or a storm but only to return burning brighter than before.

Whatever moment you are in, hold space for it. Also know, that we are holding space for you too. To each of you, our yogis, our community, our family, and our new friends ~ we are so very touched by your love and support and we know that we will see you soon. In the meantime, may your practice be your practice ~ every part of your movement, physical & emotional is a manifestation of yourself within' ~ may you be at peace, at ease, may you be well and may you continue to share your love and light.

With much love & Namaste,


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