New Year - Time to "Clean House"

With each New Year we tend to set goals, refocus, and have new vigor to enhance our lives. We often set goals to become healthier by eating more nutritious food, exercising, and removing stress from our lives. Yoga teaches us to live as pure, clean, and clear as possible through the idea of Saucha. By living this way, we remove the blockages that keep us from expressing our true self. As we remove these blockages we experience states of peace, joy, and compassion. Saucha can be practiced mentally, physically, and with our surroundings in a variety of ways.

1) Diet – Eating as clean as possible by removing processed foods from your diet

2) Exercise –Practicing Asana (yoga postures) by going to yoga classes

3) Meditation – Clear your mind of ego driven thoughts

4) Surroundings – Create a clean and clutter free living space

5) Relationships – Remove yourself from impure or toxic relationships

Our mind is often driven by our ego which associates all decisions with pleasure or pain, but there is a third outcome that without higher thinking is often forgotten. The third outcome is peace. When you move through the decision making process as you “clean house” try not to focus on if the decision will bring immediate pleasure or pain. Focus on if the decision will bring peace. Learn to embrace short term discomfort by focusing on the end result. I would go into detail on this short term discomfort (Tapas), but I’ll save it for another blog entry!

Here’s to a purer, cleaner, and peaceful year!



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